Well, nothing much is going on today. It’s raining here but thank God it’s warm. I was thinking about going to ARF today after work to volunteer for an hour or so before they close but if this rain keeps up I don’t know that they’ll be open. A lot of their dogs are kept in kennels outside…Everytime I go in there I leave with a longing for a doggie. All of those animals need so much love and just to feel like they can put their trust in one person who won’t let them down like so many have in their past…

This is why I don’t own (and can’t, really) anything other than hamsters. I’d have a zoo!

I’m in the mood to buy a nice summer outfit. A nice light skirt and a halter top, some sandals and a cute new purse! I’m such a girl, huh! heehee.

On to more important matters… I turned down the job offer in Anderson. I figured it would be too much for me to handle. Besides, if I were gone from 9am-10pm on a daily basis I wouldn’t have time for anything, more importantly studying for my one summer course, which I REALLY need to do well in. It just wouldn’t be fair to Dan or me. It was a great opportunity for an awesome job with great pay and it would have kept me up on my Spanish. That’s something I worry about (even though I do speak Spanish sometimes here at work). I just feel like I’m losing some words and my accent is getting all funktified. Sigh.

Well, if I can’t go to ARF today I might as well check out this so-called gym and cyber cafe that I have access to, according to the landlord. If I find it and it has widely available hours I might do all my off-work online-surfing and journal-posting from there.

Yay, I get off work in 15 minutes… better get my window ready. Byee!