Well, we did end up going to ARF yesterday. Despite the fact that it was raining earlier, everything seemed remarkably dry. I showed Danny where the big dogs were kept and some of the mean inbreds that were in a seperate room. He also met the other volunteers and the guy that pretty much runs the place. One of the volunteers adopted an adorable puppy (Patrick) who had been there for a number of weeks and was the cutest and nicest out of his litter, yet was the last one to go. It’s a good thing he went home with her though, I know he’ll have a good life there. There was another puppy in the room. Her name is Gaby. This little girl was a lab/golden retriever mix and she was just laying there like a little rag doll. She’s only 8 weeks old. Well, Danny wanted to know if it would be okay to take her to the nursing homes around town and I was amazed to hear the guy say, “sure!” Well, next thing we knew we’re taking Gaby home. We have her for two days and she’s going back to ARF Thursday before 1pm. We took home some puppy food and a blanket and a crate to put her in but guess where she slept all night? That’s right. She hated the crate and decided she’s whine and bark her way out at 1:30 AM to lie on our bed. Sheesh!! She’s also NOT potty trained. She’s had a few accidents on our carpet and only went on the newspaper ONCE. But I told her she was a good girl that time. The way her little pathetic eyes look at you, you just can’t be mad at her for having an accident. Anyway, I’m sure she’ll be at a few more nursing homes today.On another note, I have six more hamsters as of yesterday!! Elvis had her pups while I was at ARF and when I came back I saw seven little pinkies squirming around. This morning, however, only six pinkies were feeding under Elvis. Perhaps I miscounted, but in any case, this is good news.

As soon as I am able, I will put up some pictures of the new arrivals, including Gaby.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my James Herriot book. I wonder if I can get my hands on another one of his books. He’s a great story-teller!