I heard something interesting today in class that I’d like to share. Our professor was telling us that his definition of true love is when you care about the other person more than yourself. He also mentioned that in order for the relationship to be compatible you have to meet certain criteria:1. You have to be compatible physically. If one of you has more physical needs than the other, this might become a big issue.

2. You have to be compatible emotionally. If one of you is emotionally passive and the other dramatically more emotional, inevitably, big problems will arise.

3. You have to be compatible mentally. Your partner may be the sweetest person, but if he/she’s as dumb as a rock and you can’t converse with him/her the way you would like, that could also become an issue in the relationship. Now, if you’re BOTH as dumb as a bag of rocks then, of course, that would work out just fine, heehee.

Last, but not least:
4. You have to be compatible spiritually. If you’re not both on the same page when it comes to spritual matters then that part of you will not find satisfaction and that will create a problem in the relationship.

Now, I wouldn’t say that I agree with everything he says in class but every once in a while this professor has something wise to say and something I know we could all benefit from.