I’ve started listening to Dashboard Confessional again. Not because I’m heartbroken (cuz i’m not) and we all know DC wails every song… but just for the memories and because some of my favorite songs are Dash Confess songs. It’s been nice takin a cruise down memory lane in my car listening to DC.Tonight Dan and I drive up to Valparaiso and then Chicago. Weee! I hope we have a good weekend. I have all these plans but I bet I’ll end up doing something completely different once I’m up there, haha.

Gina, I know you’re gonna read this eventually, I don’t think I’m gonna end up taking any hamsters. I don’t think Dan’s gonna like the idea of driving up with a bunch of dwarfies in the back seat… I dunno, we’ll see. Probly not though.

Oh my goodness! Yesterday I went tanning for the first time. Those beds are scary! I mustave jumped like 5 inches when the bed started up. It wasn’t too bad though and I already bought 10 sessions… I might as well suck it up and keep going. The girl that helped me out was really nice about me not knowing anything, heehee. I bet I was driving her nuts with all my questions. Oh well.

I’m taking my camera with me up to Valpo – gotta get some extra batteries just in case. Gotta buy one more water bottle for the new hamster bin. Anyone want some baby hamsters?