It’s eight days before Adi’s birthday and I have no idea waht to get her. I already have her bday card but I’m wondering if the Gap wouldn’t make a good gift certificate… Anyway, the Gap here is kinda expensive for me and that’s what I got Jair for his birthday. Sigh. I wish there were more cool stores here.

I have to take Squeaky to the vet today because she has a bad injury in her eye and she’s lost a lot of hair around that spot as well as by her armpit. I think she might have mites and an eye infection. She keeps her eye closed, poor thing. Thank God Dan didn’t freak out about the cost when I told him she was going to the vet. I know he knows that I love my little animals and that a vet visit when she looks that bad is the LEAST I could do for her.

Not looking forward to another fight with my mom on the phone about my wedding. I have to talk to a wedding coordinator soon so mom doesn’t think I’m blowing off her idea. Really, though. Wedding coordinators are known to be expensive… sigh. says if you’re having a wedding on the beach that you should get a wedding coordinator though because of all the issues that could happen. I guess I could consider it. Especially since both Dan’s mom and my mom aren’t too thrilled about us getting married at the beach.

Double sigh. Ok, I’m gonna get back to work now.