Should people go into friendships expecting things in return? Or does that void out the meaning of friendship? More specifically, if you do something kind for someone, or offer them something, should you expect something else in return? Or is that then no longer something kind? Instead, does it become more of a contract? I think if you are friends with someone and you offer them something and they see it as an act of kindness, you shouldn’t expect anything in return. However, at the receiving end of the line, the other person, inspired by your act of kindness, should be as giving. Nothing should ever be expected though! If it is predetermined that there is a sort of contract of mutual benefit, that’s one thing- a friendship is another. Not that they can’t co-exist, but if they do co-exist they shouldn’t be confused for each other, they should remain separate, recognizable entities.

Or am I completely wrong?

Everything I do for you I do it with all my love and not expecting anything in return. And if I ever do turn into one of those people, remind me. Humble me. I don’t want to be like that.