As some of you may know, there is quite a bit of damage here in Muncie, IN thanks to some ice storms. We don’t have power in our apartment so we’re at a friend’s house keeping warm and eating well. I thought I would update you all as to how we’re doing and put up the last two entries I had written and not yet posted. So, we’re well. Hopefully power will be restored soon and everything will be back to normal. Dan took some pictures of the damage so hopefully I’ll be able to share those soon.

bye for now,

UPDATE: (9PM) The weather channel is saying we’ll be seeing three inches of snow tonight as well as some freezing rain. That could possibly make things worse for us here. We may have to wait a few more days for power to be restored in some areas of Muncie and depending on how bad the weather is tonight some areas that have had their power restored today may lose it. We’re not as bad as other counties though: Randolph county may go without power for a few months now.

I have to be at work tomorrow, but if the weather is bad enough and they lose power again I may just be lucky enough to not have to go. Let’s just hope.