I had a dream the other night about being a bad mother. I had a son; around 18 months old, and I was in a room full of people. I LEFT him in this room ( I don’t even know why I did that) and FORGOT him there. I realized it later on that night when someone asked me where my son was. It was a few minutes before midnight and I jumped into my car and drove to where I had left him. I found him outside in the cold. He was on the ground outside this building; cold and asleep with my dog. I was so furious at whoever thought it would be okay to just leave him out there with the dog, but I was more furious still at myself for even allowing it to happen. He could have died out there. What a horrible mother I was in that dream!

Danny is supposed to get a reply today from OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) but he hasn’t called me yet about it. I hope he has good news instead of a rejection. I would love to see him happy about a good job offer in a state he would love to live in!

Valentine’s day is approaching and I still don’t know what to get Danny. He got me a beautiful watch for Christmas so I really don’t know what to expect for Valentine’s. What do you get a guy whose hobby is experimental music? Maybe I should get him a watch. He got a cheap one after Christmas at some discount store and it started squeaking with every movement of his wrist a couple weeks ago. So maybe I can get him something a little nicer for V-day. That might be a good idea.