Today marks my last weekday of freedom. Next week I start my new job bright and early. Sigh. I knew this was too good to last.

For lunch today, Dan and I went to an Indian Buffet. I cannot believe how quickly that place filled up! There was a line right out of the building and instead of waiting to get seated, people opted for to go boxes they could fill at the buffet. I was amazed. Plus, the food was awesome! I’m definitely going back there again.

After that we went to the mac store where we contemplated getting a new computer versus adding memory to this old iMac. I think we might go for a new computer. That’s good news for me since I’ve had my eye on the new iMac G-5s for a while now. My, they’re yummy!

We’ve also been thinking about a new car; possibly a new truck. We want something that’s going to take the Oregon hills and mountains easily. Also, both our current cars haven’t been doing well so that’s one reason why we’re thinking of buying. He wants me to take his Toyota Corolla but I need a dependable car since I work further away than he does. His Toyota has been having problems with its transmission lately, but I kind of don’t like it anyway. I want a new car, like a Kia Spectra or something. He doesn’t like KIAs, not even mine. For how old my car is and for what it’s been through, I think it’s a great car. But yes, my car has been having problems too.

Before I start work on Monday I need to get an Oregon driver’s license with my married name on it. I was wanting to do that today but 1) I look like crap and 2) I just feel too lazy to go all the way to the south end of town, take a long boring test, pay $50 and then get my picture taken. I also can’t believe driver’s licenses here are $50 each! That’s expensive!

Maybe I’ll go anyway.