Some things I want to get done tomorrow:

• clean the hamster bins & toys
• update resume and email to self for printing at the library
• create a cover letter for want ad in the paper
• clean the apartment
• do the laundry

That’s all I’ve done today? I’ve just been so lazy today, I suppose. But I did get the kitchen cleaned up a bit and I cleaned out the fish aquarium so that should count for something. Next is the hamster bins and toys. I will come back and post when I have conquered that task.

UPDATE: 9:30 pm
• clean the hamster bins & toys
• clean the apartment

I also did the following:
• got started on the thank you cards
• made dinner
• walked the dog
• watered the plants

Tomorrow I should finish the thank you cards and update my resume. All I need to get that done is call my mom for everyone’s address. I’m such a dork I threw away the envelopes that had everyone’s information.