Monday we ended up not doing anything at all for Independence Day. We just stayed home and tried to watch the fireworks from the office window. There weren’t many to watch though because I guess the radio station behind our apartment was in the way. I kept hearing the fireworks going off but I couldn’t see anything in the sky. I did see a few of the neighborhood fireworks in the sky, but it certainly wasn’t what I was hoping to see. There were a few times that I was tempted to get out of the apartment and go find the fireworks, but it was getting late at night and I knew I would have to wake up early the next morning.

Tuesday morning I was almost late because I had forgotten my work schedule at work so I just figured I’d be in to work at my normal time for Tuesdays. Well I called my boss anyway and it turned out I had to be there on Monday time, 8:15 am instead of 9:00 am.

Right now I’m multi-tasking. I’m watching the end of Dancing with the Stars and I’m writting this entry during the commercial breaks as well as getting ready to see Dan perform at an open mike at some restaurant. In fact, I should get going. Hope he does well. :)

PS: Amy came back from her trip to Canada.