Yesterday I was having a really hard time breathing. I almost fainted twice: once going down the stairs and once while I was driving to the grocery store. Today I called in sick at work and made an appointment at my doctor’s office. I had dh drive me there just in case I felt like fainting again. Turns out the doc doesn’t know what’s wrong with me (again) but decided I should be using an inhaler. Retainers, glasses and now an inhaler. I’m officially a geek.

After getting out of the doctor’s office, and after taking two hits of the inhaler, dh and I painted the town red – well sort of. We went to a chinese buffet and later to two jewelry stores to find him a replacement wedding band. He found something he liked at the second store and got them to knock $60 off the original price. I got my rings cleaned for free there, too. This was at the mall in down town Salem and I liked it there. It seemed almost like the mall was three buildings big, but with streets and bridges through the buildings. Totally cool. Then we left the mall after some window-shopping and went to some brewery. We stayed there till about 5:00ish and then kind of got lost looking for 99W so we could get back home. Finally we decided to just take the freeway back.

I had a lot of fun today despite the fact that I still kind of feel like I’m not getting enough of a breath. If i continue to have this problem in about a month I have to go back so the doc can do some tests on my blood and x-rays and what not. I hate to admit it but I think the inhaler works. Who knows, maybe I *am* developing some kind of asthma. =/ Anyway, we’re home now around $200 poorer, but we had a good husband/wife bonding day. Tomorrow I’m headed back to work with an inhaler and I’ll be back in the stressful environment that is probably causing all my problems anyway. I’m so glad I’m leaving.

Good news: while we were having lunch at the chinese buffet I got a call from the Interpreter position I had applied for. She wants me to come in for an interview Wed at 3:30pm! Yes! The only thing that I’m a little nervous about is the fact that I’ll be interviewed by more than one person. Apparently a whole group of people is flying in from who-knows-where to be in the same room with the interviewees, probably doing all the interviewing. Scary. I’d better practice my Spanish. =:|