Book Title: The Year of Living Famously
Author: Laura Caldwell
Link: The Year of Living Famously
Genre: Fiction
Your rating of the book: B
Who would be interested in this book? Chick-Lit Lovers
Warnings: A bit of a slow beginning.

Short description/summary of the book: Kyra Felis is a struggling clothing designer that has never been one to worship celebrities. All she ever wanted in life was to be successful: have people want to buy her clothes. One night in vegas she meets a hollywood up-and-comer, Declan McKenna. She soon falls in love and marries him, having no incling of what her new life will be like once Declan’s career changes practically over night after his role in a low-budget war movie makes him an oscar nominee. Suddenly Kyra finds herself a celebrity by association, and even though she recognizes the perks, she finds that she can’t do the little things that make her happy anymore. When Declan’s fame puts Kyra’s life in danger, she wonders if living famously may be too much for her to handle.

Your own thoughts: A fun story although certainly a little difficult to believe at times. There is plenty of witty dialogue which carries the story along and makes the main character very characteristic of New York. The way the story is narrated by the main character makes an interesting read if you get past the slow beginning. All in all, I enjoyed the book and found it was difficult to put down as I was reading the very last chapters.