Dh and I put up our Christmas tree this week. We went to buy a new one since this is our first Christmas tree ever and wanted to make it memorable. We got a wild tree at Fort Noel (a tent in the middle of KMart’s parking lot) for $15. It was really a deal considering most trees now-a-days go for over $25. So anyway, it’s a wild tree so its not exactly the most “perfect” looking Christmas tree you ever saw. No, this one is a little funny looking with a “built-in-star” says dh. It’s got a really long top end where only four our five branches stick out like the spikes on a star. We think it’s the perfect tree. We bought a tree stand at K-Mart and when we took it home we decorated it with our one string of lights, our one box of ornaments and just today I found a nice star for a tree topper. It’s a little skimpy, yes, but it’s a wonderful first tree! I’m very happy with it.

Christmas Tree 2005

I also finally got my advent wreath put together (even though I wasn’t able to find purple candles). And I set that on the dinner table with my pretty winter table cloth underneath it. Since this is week 1 in advent, I have lighted the first candle as I’m reminded of how my “forefathers” waited on God to send the Messiah, and how I wait also for His second coming. I can’t believe I never celebrated advent before. What a great way to prepare your heart for the reason of the season!

Advent Wreath 2005

The only thing I’m missing (and it’s a big thing for me) is a nativity set. I haven’t been able to find one anywhere! Don’t people sell nativity sets anymore?! Christmas is getting so commercialized. If anyone would like to send me a very meaningful christmas present, a nativity set would do wonderfully! And I would love you forever for it! :) I hope to get one by next year because it is an essential part (a representation) of what Christmas is. Of what I celebrate each year. “Put something where you can see it so your eye will remind your heart.” But alas, I know in my heart what I’m celebrating this year. It’s not the things that make Christmas, afterall.