Happy New Year, everybody. Dh and I spent our New Year’s Eve together, sick, and in bed. We watched New York welcome in the new year in English and in Spanish. Then we woke up this morning and we were both hacking away and feeling pretty gross so he called in sick and I stayed home instead of going to church. No one wants my germs and I don’t want to give them to anyone. On a good note, I’m feeling better despite waking up by flem in my lungs.

To keep us from getting bored we went and rented some videos. I got Must Love Dogs and dh got some series in a box set. It was something about the guy that created Seinfeld, it was his show about him. It’s kinda funny but it’s not really my kind of humor. Besides, my head is starting to hurt. Anyway, Must Love Dogs was pretty good. The DVD cover said it’s the funniest romantic comedy since When Harry Met Sally but I didn’t think it was that great. I do want to watch it again though. I love the way John Cusak (sp?) speaks. It’s kind of Gilmore Girl-ish, you know? All fast-paced and smart.

I really miss watching good romantic comedies. In all these movies you always see the group of girls that get together to watch these types of movies at home. I don’t have that. No one I know really has the time anymore to just come over and watch chick flicks and hang out. That’s one thing I miss about living in an area where you know people and have known them forever. You don’t have to start over making these new “old” friends. Sigh. For now I guess I’ll just do it by myself and with my husband (if I can get him to be sick long enough to watch them with me).