Earlier today all I wanted to do was go back to bed, curl up, pull the sheets over my head and wait for tomorrow to come. Besides the fact that I have awakened every morning this week hoping for Friday, today I also managed to update the software on my computer and crash it in the process somehow. When I started up the computer all I got was a white screen with an apple on it. And it made a horrible sound like an airplane taking off. Then, if I tried to reboot it again while pressing down the “shift” key (don’t ask me why I did that! I think I read it on the first screen somewhere) it made this awfully loud beep tone. Very scary.

If you’ve ever watched Sex and the City there’s an episode where Carrie’s computer crashes and she gets the sad mac face. Everyone asks her if she’s backed up her work and she’s the only one who doesn’t know about backing up. I thought about that. Did I back up my work? Luckily we didn’t need that this time because after spending practically all morning attemping to fix the computer and a whole hour on the phone with a specialist who told him to just take it in to get it looked at, my wonderful husband finally got it all back. He made it work. He was very mad, but he made it work.

I never thought this would happen to me, espcially not when I was dreaming about buying it, or when I finally bought it . Plus, after all these years as a Mac owner you’d think I’d know when I was doing something to break it. :(

Anyway, I’m glad all of that is over now, because I was worried sick at work, thinking I had broken the computer somehow and we’d be without a computer all weekend. That’s just unthinkable. I’m too dependent on my computer for information, entertainment, and staying connected to the rest of my family & friends. It’s too important a tool to go without one. Even if it’s just three days. Anyway, I’m glad it’s back.

Thank you, honey!

As a result of that we’ll have to watch our cell phone minutes the rest of the month so we don’t go over. Everyone, please don’t call us until after 9:01 pm Pacific Standard Time unless you’re a verizon customer!