I got my hair cut today. On a whim. I just happened to think how long my hair was, and how it wasn’t really clean and how I should really get my hair cut and washed. So I did. I made an appointment next door (from work) and I got my hair cut during my lunch hour.

Ok, so it was a trim really. Just an inch or so off the bottom and my layers redone. You can’t even tell it’s been cut. I didn’t think I would have time to have the lady style it as well, but she did, insisting that I should let her style it curly. Honestly, I don’t like my hair curly. It takes forever, my hands get gooey from the gunk I have to put in my hair to get it uniformly curly, and then I have to scrunch it every which way (including upside down) in order for it to get curly. I have to do all this to get curly hair – when my hair is naturally curly! So, I don’t like doing it and it never really looks all that good anyway.

So I said fine we can do that, thinking that I had a band for my hair if it needed to be swept up into a pony tail if it was really bad. So I let her make my hair curly and even though I didn’t see what she was doing at first, and it didn’t look like it was getting anywhere (like I thought), but in the end I was wrong. She managed to get my hair looking pretty good (albeit big!) for curly hair. I learned today that I need to find the diffuser for my blowdryer – and that curly hair isn’t bad on me. I just have to get used to it being big and curly instead of flat and straight.


Back view

side hair
Side view

Front view

Consider that with this picture of my hair straight from a few entries back. Big difference?

So I might have my hair curly again a few more times, or at least until I’m tired of waking up earlier than usual to have time to wash my hair and style it before walking out the door in the morning. Considering I work at 8:00 am, have a 15-20 min commute, and I got up this morning at 7:22 am, getting up early enough to wash and style is going to be a big change for me. By the way, I don’t usually get up at 7:22. I just forgot to set my alarm last night before bed. I managed to get to work maybe just one or two minutes late though. Heehee.

So, while I was thinking whether or not this would be the end of my post, I decided to pull my pinned hair out and let it loose. I pulled 6 extra-strength bobby pins from that one small spot on my head. I had no idea it took SIX HEAVY DUTY PINS to hold a finger or two’s worth of my hair. Good grief!

And I also noticed this:
bugs in light fixture

How often am I supposed to clean out dead bugs from our light fixtures? I don’t think I’ve done it at all since we’ve moved in almost a year ago (yes it sounds gross but who looks there, anyway?). I wonder if they’re charred to the point of just being bug outlines? Nobody ever tells you these kinds of things when you’re growing up or even in articles in these “homebodies” magazines!

PS: I’m still behind on my math. You know it’s a self-paced class, but if you don’t go along with their pre-determined schedule you’re still behind – even though you’re allowed to go at your own pace! It’s all lies… I’ll be glad when I’m done with this.