Yesterday was such a beautiful day! The sun was out and shining, warming up everything it touched. My mood was high because I looooooooooooove feeling the sun on my skin. As I drove out to the crab fest in Albany, I had the windows rolled down, the sun was shining on my skin warming me and my hair was blowing in the wind. I couldn’t have loved it any more.

My afternoon:

red shoes
I decided to wear my little red shoes to go eat the red, red dungenous(sp?) crabs.

Oregon Trader
This is where the Crab Fest was held. The big white tarp is the entrance to the warehouse looking place and the corner building is a brewhouse called Oregon Trader. We know the owners there. It’s nice to see they were getting some decent business since they were part of the Crab Fest.

Inside the building. Look at the band and notice the buffet line.

Close up of the band with their German looking outfits. The music was very oompa oopma, too.

So I got my crab dinner to go and I got a plate for my husband. I hit the road and rolled the windows down so I could get that wind in my hair feeling on the drive back to Corvallis. The sight was so beautiful that I took some pictures on the way.

Beautiful clear skies and you could see the mountains for miles away… see how clearly you can see them? The pictures just don’t do them justice…

I love seeing the sun shining so brightly in the middle of winter. It actually felt like spring – warm sun and cool breeze.

So I got to the radio station where my husband was hard at work:

But he was kind enough to turn around from his microphone for a little while and give me a smile for the camera.

We hung out there for a little while and in between bites he would annouce the weather, an upcoming show or whatever he needed to do. He’s a very talented, multi-tasking man. :)

When I wasn’t paying attention he asked me to turn around and snapped a shot of me:
Mrs Crall

So after being in there for a while I decided to go home. I was still in high spirits because the sunshine puts me in such a great mood that I decided to re-arrange my livingroom. Yes, when I’m happy and energized I re-arrange things. Don’t judge me.

view from the dining area, right-hand side.

Corner – see our record player? I love that thing…

Stairs & couch… nevermind the junk behind the couch. Notice the bike? I hate it that we don’t have a garage and we have to keep our bikes indoors. Yes, those are my shoes on the couch.

Ok, so we’ve made a full circle around the living room now. This is why I need a new bookshelf. Ours is overflowing with books and magazines, among other things.

We have very little furniture, as you can see, but the one couch we do have is SUPER heavy since it’s a hide-a-bed. So it took a while to move around but I love moving furniture because I can vaccum under everything and get rid of dust and hair stuck underneath things. Plus the carpet always looks so much nicer when it’s been under furniture for a few months. It makes our living room look a little less spacious than it used to, but I’d been curious to see how it would look with a couch in the middle of the room, and I think I kind of like it. Besides, I needed a change.

Yawn. Well, that was my day in a nutshell. After re-arranging things and cleaning and enjoying the sun I retreated upstairs to watch some tv and check my email.