Dh and I went to the dog park today. It was a really good time. I wish I would have taken my camera because there were so many pictures I wanted to take! A tree that was completely moss-filled had the sun shining through it and making some awesome color combinations. Also, we met a dog named Charlie there who couldn’t quit jumping around Tippy and scaring her. She’s not used to dogs jumping around her. We’re trying to change that though.

Maybe next time.

Valentine’s day was really nice. We got each other small things although we said we weren’t going to do gifts. I guess we couldn’t help ourselves. Then we got dressed up despite the freezing cold and went to Iovino’s for dinner. The dinner menu was just okay but it was the atmosphere that was worth it. And my martini! :P

Our waiter was really “fancy pants” and did everything “to the book.” I loved it. We stayed there for a while listening to the harp player go on and admiring her quick fingers striking all the right notes. I really admire harp players because it looks so hard! We were going to get a dessert there but were craving some chocolate treats from the local co-op so we left the restaurant and went there instead. The husband got a chocolate peanut butter mousse and I got a chocolate brownie (vegan style). We went to rent a movie, Wedding Crashers and then drove home where we curled up in bed, pulled the covers up tight and watched the movie. BTW, that’s a pretty funny movie. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it but it was fun. We took several pictures but most of them came out too dark because of the restaurant. I have just one that looks okay.

Valentine's Day 06
It’s of me and it’s been messed with to not make it look so dark. So it looks kind of weird.

Valentine's Day 06.2
This is the one the waiter took. He said it looked great but he didn’t even look at the picture after taking it. I think it looks kind of bad with my face looking so red.

Anyway, it was a great night. Next year we might stay home though.

Our anniversary is coming up. I’m sure I’ll have better pictures of that event next week. :)