Dinner tonight consisted of two parts:

First, my little side dish for myself to try. It took about 15-20 minutes to make and the recipe can be found here. PS: it was delish!
Part deux is mainly my own simple creation although really it’s very basic. Dan put some kind of fish in the fridge to thaw and I cooked it tonight. I dressed it with salt, pepper and dried parsley (although I would have prefered fresh) and just cooked it in a skillet at low heat for 15-20 min. I flipped it and then sprinkled it with some freshly squeezed lime juice. Covered and cooked it an additional 5 minutes.


My work space


Alongside with that I cut up some asparagus, threw it in a skillet with heated olive oil, sprinkled salt and pepper on it and stir fried for about 5-8 minutes. I added dried parsley (fresh would have been better) and cooked an additional 5 minutes or until they were bright green and yummy. I sprinkled some lime juice on it and a little additional olive oil and placed it in a dish, ready to be served.


So I guess it’s salt, pepper, parsley and lime night. :)