I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. The other day I went to the dentist to get my wisdom teeth removed and soon after they gave me the Nitrous gas I stared getting an anxiety attack. I’d never had the gas before and i was a little nervous, but not more than I have been in the past when I’ve gotten dental work done. I don’t know why I started freakinig out and getting the sensation that I wasn’t getting enough air to breathe. I was very embarrassed because I couldn’t control it and they couldn’t finish the dental work on me the way I was.

Then today I had another one in the car on my way home. There didn’t seem to be any real reason why I would start freaking out but all of a sudden I started feeling like I couldn’t breathe and I started getting tingly and my neck muscles got all stiff. I had to tell myself to breathe and pray to God that I would make it home (10 miles) without having to stop the car so I could completely freak out. It really helped to pray and tell myself to breathe, although the breathing is really odd when I’m freaking out like that. I made it home okay though. A little shaky and breathing funny, but okay.

Last summer is when I started noticing that I wasn’t breathing like normal at times. I went to the doc and when he didn’t say anything but “it’s in your head” and gave me an inhaler to shut me up, I started to think that maybe it WAS all in my head. Well, a couple weeks later I had another one of those episodes where I wasn’t feeling like I was breathing correctly and panicked a little and told dh to take me to the ER because it was too late for Urgent Care. Well they told me the same thing. I wonder if I had an anxiety attack then and didn’t know it.

I think maybe I need to go back to the doc and tell him it wasn’t all in my head and what should I do? I can’t ruin any more appointments or risk freaking out on the road again.