I was listening to Fresh Air on OPB today and there was a very interesting topic on the show. The guest was a reporter and author of a book who brought up the topic of the religious right getting political. She was saying that there were some Christians who not only believe that the US was founded as a Christian nation, but that we have turned away from our original purpose and must be reclaimed. They don’t believe the founding fathers ever meant for a seperation of church & state, but rather that Christianity should be the only belief endorsed by the nation. Just as she was talking about this I couldn’t help but wonder – is America the “new” Israel?

No matter how many miracles and signs and prophets God gave Israel (His chosen nation), they kept turning away from God. After every miracle they would remember their God and worship, but in time they would forget about the miracles and ignore the Lord. Question: are we doing the same thing? Are we the new Chosen Nation? Or is this a new Crusades movement by the conservative politicians disguised as the New Israel? Is this really all about power?