That’s right, there are bugs in my kitchen. Namely, earwigs. Ok, there was A bug – but I found it in my homemade bread! It was so disgusting. earwig Of course, I’m a girl and sometimes I’m allowed to act like one, so trying to not touch the thing with my hands I flicked it off the bread and then chased it across my counter with a wet paper towel moving things out of the way as I followed it so I could smush it. Finally I caught it and tossed it and the wet paper towel in the trash.

Moments later as I was emptying the dishwasher I felt something on my arm and there it was! Or maybe it was another one, I can’t tell. Either way I was so grossed out I flung it off my arm with my dishcloth while shaking my arm to get it off and then when it landed on the ground I was stomping around trying to smush it again. I smushed it finally but then I didn’t see it anymore so I checked under my shoe and there it was so I kept stomping to get it off. I’m such a girl.

Embarrassed and exhausted from my little “dance” I’ve decided I need to do something about these icky things. It’s unacceptable that they’re in my food and on my arm. I’m all about letting bugs live when they’re outdoors but when they start coming into my kitchen and start living on my bread and climbing up my arm it’s a different story. I definately don’t want to use chemicals so I’m on the search for an all-natural way to get rid of these little guys. I have no clue where to start, but I have a feeling google will be my friend.