The evening started off with a little backyard grilling which consisted of my husband, my neighbor, and myself. We cooked up some chicken over some burning sticks my husband picked up from the field nearby. We decided to go with sticks instead of coal or propane because we thought it would be the more “natural” way to grill the chicken. Well, it turned out that the grill couldn’t take the heat and so it there was tons of smoke coming out of the sticks in the little grill which turned the chicken black on the outside. I’m guessing that smoke was the paint that was burning off the little grill. I think we ended up with more carcinogens than if we would have had we used coal or propane.

danny grilling

After the chicken was done burning cooking we set up a little table with a makeshift table cloth and put out our corn on the cob, beet salad, tabouli and triscuits with spinach dip. It was a good meal, if I say so myself!

food table

Of course, where there’s food that’s where you’ll find Tippy!


After we’d eaten we re-lit the fire


and began lighting our sparklers!

sparklers and Danny

After we’d gone through most of our sparklers and had been scared stupid by a few unannounced “explosions” produced by our almost next door neighbors, we went out to the parking lot to light the rest.

dark Beulah

The eerie red glow of the fireworks left a lasting impression for the rest of the night.

dark Danny

Happy Fourth of July!