I’m officialy done with my required hours for my insurance course. I clocked in exactly 50 hours at that place; 30 for life, 12 for health and 8 for code. Of course, I didn’t exactly follow all my coursework diligently during those 50 hours. To keep myself from falling asleep during my study time, I amused myself by browsing several websites in between quizzes and chapters (also pages, paragraphs, sentences and sometimes words). Some of which were my LiveJournal, myspace, my friends’ LiveJournals, and other blogs. Among them, more recently (since I’m still infected with the mommy-bug), are The Trixie Update and Sullivan’s World.

I know, I’m totally infected and contagious. Watch out. In any case, I’ve done some (and by some I mean I’ve been wasting most of my free time) reading and I know that whenever the hubby and I decide we’re ready to start trying for a baby I’ll have several options to think about in terms of birthing and raising baby including having a home birth, practicing some form of attachment parenting, and most intersting to me at this time: elimination communication, aka infant potty training. These may all seem like they’re really crazy practices but to me they just make sense and I often wonder why more parents don’t do these things. I guess I’ll know (or not) in due time.

Getting back on track here… I’m done with my hours but I’m still not done with my studying. I’m halfway done with book 2 (health) and need to complete book 3 (code), which I just bought, and review like crazy all of book 1 (life) before I can take my exam. I’m so nervous about it! On top of all the studying, I still have to send letters of interest to possible employers and figure out in which direction I want to go with my license (assuming I pass the test and get one!).

Sigh. So much to do – so many ways to procrastinate!