Last week I spent a couple nights making myself some jewelry. I’m thinking that it would be a good idea to make some of these for Christmas presents this year – although they would definitely be something a little more complicated than the designs below:

Simple black ones with pearls

Peachy colored ones with swarovski(sp?) crystals

Blue ones with long, swirly beads

Long black dangles with clear crystals

Blue chandelier earings that dangle low

Simple & short, a cute brown color.

More black. I like black.

Long & purple

Dark burgundy chandeliers with swarovski crystals

Purple necklace

Short purple earings – pair with the necklace above.

And that’s what I was up to last week. Please give me some comments and suggestions on how I can improve them. Obviously they’re not perfect but maybe they’ll look better if I just keep making them.

Just for fun I have also included a picture of my hair because it’s getting so long! I wonder if I ought to cut it before winter hits.

My (getting long) hair