Today I read in the paper that the Amish families (that had lost 5 of their daughters to an outsider madman’s shooting spree while the girls were in school) invited the madman’s wife and kids to their own girls’ funerals acknowledging that she needed as much consolation as they did. Despite all the suffering caused to this community by this twisted man, they chose to forgive and count the wife of the madman’s loss as one of their own. The Amish priest called this their 9-11.

It’s so awesome to see that despite being so hurt they choose to reach out and forgive and heal with love and not hatred. They could have done what mainstream society chooses to do (revenge by striking first, asking questions later) but instead they chose to forgive and find healing together.

While much of the Christian society are strong supporters of the War in Iraq, I believe that because of our Christian faith we are called to forgive, just as the Amish have done. It’s so easy to get swept away by our feelings and not by our faith as we choose vengeance and not forgiveness. I would like to see the Christian community learning from our Amish neighbors and awaken to the realization that we’re not practicing what we say we believe. And then do it!

Not only is this war illegal, but it goes against our morals and beliefs. And we should acknowledge that and change our actions accordingly.