Yeah, I got into a car accident yesterday. I was on a two-lane highway, waiting to make a left turn into Midway Farms (where I buy our asian pears). Well the car that was behind me slowed down and I saw him pass me on my right so I figured I was safe and didn’t keep looking behind me. I was looking towards the on-coming traffic to see when I could turn left (thinking all the other cars would pass me on my right) but next thing I knew I was jolted forward about 10 feet. I pretty much knew I’d been crashed and so I turned off my car to see the damage after re-gaining my composure.

The lady’s car that hit me was totalled. My car had a crack in the bumper and some scratches. She had been going 55 mph on that wet highway with the sun in her eyes wiping her windshield when she hit me. And all i got was a cracked bumper. GOD IS GOOD! I could have been seriously hurt or something.

Luckily, I wasn’t. My head had banged against the headrest of my car but other than that and my nerves I wasn’t feeling any pain. A few cars had stopped to check the condition of the lady in the totalled car. She had been pulled out of her car and someone else was taking care of her. She was shaking and crying. I felt bad for her. Apparently she was confused and had some hearing problems so after we exchanged insurance information and I took a bunch of pictures her husband came to pick her up and the cops said she should go to the hospital to get checked out. I had to answer some questions about the accident and the sherriff checked my car to make sure my brake lights and turn signal were working – they were. He said I had an obstructed middle brake light, but other than that everything was in order. I removed the sticker that was obstructing my light.

I’m pretty sure they’ll figure it was the lady’s fault but that one brake light may cause me some harm, I don’t know. Right now I am afraid to move my car because it’s making a strange sound. I drove it home after the accident but it didn’t want to go over 48 miles per hour. I suppose there is something more wrong with it than just a cracked bumper. I will have it checked out soon and until then it’ll probably just sit in my parking spot.

After I got home last night I had plans to go out with the Binneys to watch the debate on campus on whether or not the belief in God is rational. It was a good debate if only for the pieces of information I picked up. That’s when I started noticing the pain in my neck and my back. I decided to take the day off today so I could get checked, on advice from Mrs. Binney.

I went to the Chiropractor today and he cracked me in a ton of places and said I could have been worse off. That’s good news I suppose although I have two more appointments with him this week.

Next I have to file the accident report with the DMV and get my car checked. I”m glad I was able to take off work today to rest and to get all these things done. The sooner the better, right?


My car after the collision. Now my car’s exhaust is hanging off. At the time it was only hanging on by a small piece of rubber, according to one of the cops.

Her Car