I’m doing okay. I’m very sore in mostly my lower back, and upper chest areas, but my arms, legs and neck are not to be ignored. I’ve been trying to avoid taking pain killers until I absolutely have to, and so far I’ve had only one this week, and that would be today. I’ve been doing a lot of repetitive movements at work and it just really started to aggravate my muscles. Hopefully next week will be better.

I’m supposed to get my car in to a collision place today so they can give me an estimate on the damage. Actually, I was supposed to have done it earlier this week but I was waiting on a guy I know to do it. When he decided he couldn’t do it this week I decided to go with someone else. So after I leave my chiropractor today I will attempt to drive my car over to main auto body. I hope it doesn’t make the unhappy sounds it was making on Tuesday, but I doubt much has changed (except the exhaust is now dragging).

I’m excited about going to Jubilee, a Christian women’s conference today but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go afterall. It’s all going to depend on how I’m feeling later on today after my appointment and the body shop visit. The conference goes until late- 10:00 pm, and I just don’t know if I’ll have the stamina to be there all night or if it will end up being too much for my body to take. I know I probably shouldn’t go, but I really want to. I hope I feel up to it later on. Besides, I’m carpooling there and I don’t want to end up having to call my friend to tell her to get her own ride! :/

My insurance adjuster and I have been playing phone tag for two days now. He better get in touch with me soon b/c I need to know what’s going on.