My new sewing machine arrived on Friday. Earlier that afternoon I had borrowed a sewing machine from Sarah who was kind enough to let me borrow it to finish up the sling I was going to make as Jennifer’s baby shower gift the following afternoon. Luckily I didn’t have to learn her machine because mine was waiting for me as I got home. I spent that evening very carefully finishing off the sling I had started when Joani came over the previous Thursday. Looking at it all I could see were it’s flaws and how “beginner” it looked, so I cut out another pattern and began to make Jennfier a new one. This time I decided to make it a little smaller, since she’s smaller than I am, and more contoured around the shoulder. I’m not sure now which one I like better, but the stitching was definitely nicer the second time around so I ended up giving her that one Saturday.

Here are a few pictures of the slings:

Pooh Slings
Full view of both slings

Pooh Slings 2
The most contoured sling is shown in it’s reversible (inside) fabric

Pooh Slings 3
Close up of fabric

When she opened the gift on Saturday I don’t think she had any idea what it was. She just looked at it and turned it around in her hand. The other girls also had no clue as to what it was, so I had to explain that it was a sling for the baby. At that point I thought I’d done such a craptastic job that it was unrecognizable. Then they all asked me to put it on and show everyone how it worked, so I guess maybe they just didn’t know what a sling was period. I felt a little better.

When I got home later that evening I started to work on another sling. I was hoping to make this one for another girl who is having a baby, but I don’t think it came out large enough (she’s a large girl) even though I added a few extra inches to the fabric measurements. So today I just finished it. Afterall, someone is bound to have another shower soon. I’ve been really careful with my machine this time around. I’m very nervous still that I’m going to ruin this machine too, so I keep looking at the stitches to make sure they’re coming out alright. So far, so good.

This is the third sling:
Green Pocket Sling
Green padded pocket sling (not contoured)

Green Sling inside
Green padded pocket sling, reversible side showing

Tomorrow I’ll order some rings for the ring sling I’m going to make for this shower coming up. It’ll be adjustable so she should have no problem fitting in it and adjusting it for her baby as it grows, too.

Internet patterns are great. Especially when they’re free.

Next project: an apron!