I did something very unusual for me this Sunday. I woke up at 5:00 AM so I could attend a sunrise service at a nearby church. I know, it’s insane, but I was there at 6:00 am.

This is the sunrise overlooking the valley

Afterwards there was a breakfast so I stayed for that (Hey, who can argue with free food? French toast, nonetheless!) and met three very nice people. Two of them were from a church in Albany, and the other was an older gentleman who was very chatty – a happy guy. For some reason all of them had the impression I wasn’t a church-goer. There must be a scarlet letter on my chest or something. Ha.

This is the church where I attended the Sunrise Easter Service.

After breakfast I decided to stop by my own church to see their service. It was a good thing too because I think I liked ours better than the sunrise service I had been to earlier. Maybe it’s just that people were awake by then, I don’t know. When I got home to see my husband I was in such a good mood from my morning that I decided we should take a family hike. We went up to vineyard mountain, or somewhere closeby, and just took in every moment. The air was crisp and the views were great. It was a fabulous morning as far as I was concerned.

View from vineyard mtn.

Tippy and dh posing for the camera.

On the way down from the mountain we found a little nursery type place where I got some orange hyacinths and a dozen free-range eggs. We also noticed they had Filbert (hazelnut) shells for sale (as ground cover for lawns). We couldn’t resist the big piles of Filbert shells in front of us so we threw ourselves on them. They were surprisingly cushiony! We got up quickly through, before the owner saw us playing on his Filberts, haha. Dh had a nice conversation about politics and the state of the country with the owner a little later, and after an exchange of business cards we were on our way home.

Dh is getting up from the pile of Filbert shells, removing them from his shoe.

After that the husband had to get to work so I didn’t spend any more time with him during the day, but I got a lot done on the yard & some housework, too. The place is presentable now and I might even be inspired to have someone over sometime, haha. Okay – it wasn’t that bad, but I like it to look clean, if not picked up, at the very least. Messy-clean is better than tidy-dirty. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it makes sense in my head.