Monday we’re off to California for a few days. We’re going to see my brother get married, and the hubby is going to be the emcee. I’m trying to get a few last minute details in order, including making our apartment cleaner, since I know I can’t get it perfect when we’re trying to prepare for a long ride. I have to prepare the animals’ things for the pet-sitters, instructions and keys so they can get in as well. Then I have to think about what I’ll be taking on this trip, including some Reliv work stuff, since I know I’ll be sharing with my family down there.

Honestly, I’m a little nervous. I’ve never been on a train this long (29hrs) and I’ve never left Tippy for this long, either. In fact, we haven’t left her alone for more than a few hours, let alone 8 days! I’m not sure if the cat will behave when we’re not here, or if she’ll even recognize us or act the same when we get back (I’ve heard that if you leave them alone for days they don’t always act the same when you return; I hope that’s not true.)

I also wish I could visit for a few days longer. I’m only going to be with them for four days, really, when I would like for it to be the full eight.


I took some pictures of cat-o today. I love it when she looks right into the camera:

Playful kitty

Evil kitty