I came close to rear-ending some car this morning. That’s not all, he had stopped for some guy crossing the street. If I had rear-ended him, he could have ran over the guy at the crosswalk.  I don’t even remember what I was doing, but I didn’t see him stop, so when I checked the road again he had completely stopped. It was raining, I was going about 30 mph. I slammed on my breaks and the car stopped seriously like 1/4 of an inch from the car in front of me. When he saw that I had stopped he moved forward a few feet (he had stopped like 4-5 feet from the crosswalk). The guy crossing the street just kept right on crossing. Afterwards I thought, if that had been me at the crosswalk I don’t think I would have kept crossing. God was really watching out for me. There was no reason why I shouldn’t have hit that car, who should have hit that guy – except that God was watching out for me (and the other two, obviously).

Reminder: don’t take eyes off the road! That was just too close.

On the good side, although I was totally freaked out I didn’t have any heart-related issues. My heartrate returned to normal after a few minutes and I didn’t feel out of breath. Last year this time I would have been in a big-time panic attack & struggling to breathe. Thank God for Reliv!