Dh wanted to go to the Oregon Country Fair during the 13-15 of July and was really looking forward to it, but because I wasn’t as excited as he was to spend three nights camped out amid Hippieville, attempting to fall asleep every night to the sound of several drum circles and hoping to catch a pocket of fresh air, we have come to a compromise. We will go the Oregon Country Fair one day and check it out (which I wouldn’t mind doing at all – they say it’s a really big deal) but instead of camping there we would continue on to camp somewhere else.

We’re thinking of going to Tugman State Park or Summer Lake Hotsprings or maybe both. a few parks closer to the OCFair. Dh wants to stay through Mon and Tues but I just don’t have the time off from work so I have to be close enough to return home somehow without going totally out of the way. If I liked camping more I would probably want to try to figure out if I could somehow take those days off, but since I’m not totally in love with camping yet (only my 2nd time) a weekend of it will be quite sufficient. We don’t really get the chance to spend weekends like that together, and the last time we went camping was last year August, so it’s a big deal for us to spend the time together.

I’m excited about looking into some more campsites! :)

PS: I also have to save my paid time off from work for when my MIL comes to visit sometime either in July or August. This summer is already looking so fun!