Remember how I almost ran into someone last Friday? Well I actually did it today. Yep, this morning as I was on my way to work, happy that I had left early and would be arriving early, I actually rear-ended someone in the dumbest way possible.

There we were, both of us sitting at a red light, waiting for it to turn green. The light finally turned and the next thing I knew my foot was off the pedal (I think it slipped off the pedal), my car was moving forward (but the car in front of me was not), I panicked, I couldn’t find the breaks – I couldn’t stop my car – and WHAM! I think I might have hit the accelerator during those brief seconds when I didn’t know what was going on. So I hit the guy in front of me. I was so nervous and freaked out! What had just happened? Even I couldn’t understand it.

We exchanged info and the guy seemed nice enough. He was shaking though and I was blabbing about how sorry I was and how I didn’t know what had just happened – things you’re not really supposed to say after an accident but that people say anyway when they’re flipping out. I surveyed the damage on his car and it was minimal. A few scratches, a hint of a bent – nothing major, really. My car has like two scratches on it and the only other thing is that now it’s got a sound when I drive it.

I did the responsible thing and called my insurance to submit a claim. I told them exactly what happened and they got on the ball right away. By noon my insurance guy had already contacted the guy I ran into. I know this because I called the guy after I spoke with my MIL. She suggested that I don’t submit a claim if the damage is something I can pay for – and if it’s okay with both parties – so that my insurance premiums don’t go up. So I called my insurance people and asked them if it would be possible for me to withdraw a claim I had already placed if the damage was minimal and if it would keep it off my record. One of the agents told me that considering my great driving record and the fact that it was just a minor fender-bender they might be able to do that but they would have to check.

Well, I haven’t heard back from them yet about that, but I called the guy I ran into to see if we could settle things off the record if, after he gets his estimate, the damage is minimal. He turned out to be a jerk. He kept saying how he wasn’t ready to settle – which neither me nor my insurance guy is asking him to do just yet – and how he works a full-time job and can’t get to things right away. Duh, so do I. I’m not asking him to do the impossible by getting an estimate. Obviously if he’s got some kind of bodily injury I’m not gotta pressure him to just forget about it, but I think he’s just being a jerk and hoping to get as much out of this as possible. I really hope not though. I would hate for my premiums to go up for something as minimal as this.

CHECK IT OUT: After work today I witnessed a car accident at the corner where my car was parked – it wasn’t a gentle fender-bender, either – and then I witnessed ANOTHER ONE as I was heading to my car on the way out of a business meeting later on. The muscles along my back, which still haven’t healed 100% from my accident in October (not my fault), tightned all over again and now my back is just a mess.

I’m tempted to just ride the bus from now on.