Tomorrow we are going to Portland to see “Wait, Wait- Don’t Tell Me” the NPR newsquiz show that we both love to hear on weekends. It’s so exciting that they’re here!

MIL is coming in a few weeks and I’m planning things we can do while she is here. I love having my family over because it gives me an excuse to take time off to check out my own state and it’s beauties. I’m seriously glad we live here because it’s beautiful and there is plenty to do. What a nice change from Muncie, Indiana!

Remember the entry a while ago in which I had a GRAY hair in my eyebrow?! Well… it’s back.

This is last April’s picture, but it’s in exactly the same spot and it looks exactly like that. I guess this is one I’m going to have to battle with for some time, huh? Little stubborn hair…