I’ve been feeling spacey lately. Like for instance, I start doing something at work and then I pick up something else, without finishing my first item. Ok, so I do this all the time, but it really seems like I’ve been doing it more lately. I wonder if it’s because one of my co-workers is leaving and there’s so many new items to do, or just because it’s a busier time of year overall. It’s just really annoying when I look around my desk and notice several half-done items, and then when I eye my to-do list I notice I haven’t finished a whole lot of tasks in one day because they’re all half-done!

This is spilling over to my housework. I still haven’t finished painting my cabinet doors. I have finished drawers waiting to be put in, but since I haven’t finished painting the lower cabinets I can’t put the drawers in! I painted the top cabinets, but I haven’t finished painting the cabinet doors, so I can’t put those in either! I really just haven’t planned this well. Also, when I came in to this project, I thought I could finish it in one weekend – ha!

Not being a good planner is usually my problem, though. As a woman I’m expected to be a good planner and to think ahead, but it just isn’t my nature. I’m not trying to make excuses for myself though. I know it’s something I need to work on.