Time off for everything seems to have come to an end this week. Starting tonight I am back to my usual routine of work, meetings, bible studies, special events and seminars. Not that I was gone for three weeks, it was just a lot slower. It was a nice break though, and I’ll miss just coming home after work and being lazy. :P My house will benefit from this though, seeing as to how I’ve been slacking off in the “cleaning department”.

The Christmas tree was supposed to have come down on the 6th, however it’s still up (sort of – it was kind of leaning against the wall this morning) and everything “Christmasy” is still around. I did take a picture of my nativity because I’m quite proud of it, but I’ll have to post that later. Most likely the tree will be a task for this weekend or, if I can manage it, sooner.

The loss of free time will be a bummer, but I know I’ll be getting so much in return. Going to Soroptimist meetings teaches me many things not just about the world but also about my character. I ALWAYS enjoy going to Bible study, especially those given by Beth L. Going to Reliv seminars and special events only helps me to grow my business, as well as exposes me to others who are willing to help by sharing their knowledge of this business. Besides, there’s a certain satisfaction about getting things done, whether that simply be going to meetings or actually getting something accomplished from your to-do list at those meetings.

All in all, I’m excited. I’m sure that things will be good this year.