I took my little camera on a stroll to the wetlands on Monday to check out its picture-taking skillz. Before we moved to our new house we used to live fairly close to these wetlands and so I would come here with my husband or my dog (or both) and just wander through the walking paths. Sometimes I think it’s a little creepy, even in daytime, because it’s secluded and being a city girl I’m naturally more comfortable in a concrete jungle full of thugs than out in the wilderness where there are cougars that hunt you from behind and grab your neck so you can’t even see them coming… ahem.


So you know where we are.

Not a super-spectacular view, but what did you expect?

The walking paths.

How Oregon’s trees stay green even in winter.

Would you like a close-up?

Even closer? Okay…

Wetland marsh-y-ness.

This was on the pathway so I decided to inspect it further. Is it a plant or a fungi?

In the Spring you wouldn’t even be able to see that other pathway in the distance. It would be absolutely covered in tall grasses, birds, flowers and more marsh-y goodness. There are also these little black and orange/brown caterpillars called woolly bears all. over. the. place. The walkways are literally crawling with woolly bears.

Super cute.

Well, that conlcudes our tour of the wetlands. I wasn’t paying attention to the time while I was there and so I was running late. Worried, I walked quickly towards my car without even pausing to take this picture.

It’s totally a picture on the run. My eyebrows need to be reshaped though, serously – they’re as wild as the landscape around me.