Check out the pictures I took of our recent snow days. I made a very cool snowman, too!

  Snow Days Jan 24-25, 2008

It snowed again today but it warmed up too much and it’s mostly melted by now. Bummer. I really like it when it snows here (hardly ever).

Complete pandemonium this morning (well, not really) was caused by a couple (maybe three) inches of snow on the ground with ice underneath. Of course this being Oregon no one knows how to drive in this new snow so everyone is going 2 miles per hour then slamming on their breaks and gliding a few inches to a complete stop. The best the city could do was pour a little sand on the roads to keep a little traction. Anyway, it took me twice as long to get to work today, they closed a major highway into town, 1-5 was going at a crawling pace – and we weren’t even the ones to get the “real” snow! Lebanon, a town a few miles away got 6-8 inches easily. Getting to work from there was no easy feat since we have no snow plows, salt, and the road to get here from there was closed! Yet they still managed to show up. I guess I will have no excuse for getting to work now, unless it’s something a lot worse than that!

Anyway, all that and everything is melted away now. With highs in the 40s, this morning’s fluffy, powdery snow is no more. I hope all the kids got to play in it, even for just a few hours.