A fun idea, the Amish Friendship Bread is a sweet bread that takes 10 days to make. For the first nine days it is fermenting in its little baggie, sitting on your counter and getting more and more yummy. The reason it’s called Friendship bread is that the recipe will make enough for four starter bags, three of which you will end up sharing with friends. :) I like a few things about that concept, including the idea of waiting 10 whole days for a sweet loaf of bread. Too many things about our culture today are rushed. It’s nice to have a means of community through food, and it’s a lesson on patience!

After ten days, I was able to bake this bread this past Monday.

Perhaps next I’ll make one big loaf instead of two smaller ones. :) I look forward to making many more of these loaves with different takes on them. Perhaps next I’ll try a chocolate flavored loaf instead of cinnamon, and add some chocolate chips to it… or try raisins and nuts!