kitchen tip tuesdays

Normally Ms. Tammy has us share a kitchen tip on Tuesdays, but this time it’s reversed so we get to ask for a tip. Here’s my kitchen-related question:

Drip PanWhat is the best way to keep a drip pan clean? (You know, the ones on the stove top.) I can’t seem to get them to look new after just a few messes. They always seem to lose their luster; they become dull and opaque. Am I being too harsh with the cleaners? But how can you avoid harsh cleaners when you have burnt-on crusted oatmeal?!

Because I haven’t been able to get them shiny and pretty again I’ve taken to covering them with foil (clean up is so much easier this way) but it seems like a really big waste of foil.

I have gotten so tired of “cleaning” these drip pans that I’ve even gone as far as to replace them to get them back to something bearable! Drip pans are horrid.

I hope someone can enlighten me!