In the spirit of Frugal Fridays hosted by, I decided to post the following observation made earlier this week:

As I was going through our bills and making our online payments I made two stacks. One is for paid bills to be filed, and the other for what I no longer needed that could be recycled with our regular office paper. As I was making these two piles I noticed that I was putting a lot of envelopes in with the recyclables. You know, the envelopes that billers send with which for you to return your payment. Since I was making bill payments online through my bank I had no use for them and they were all going the recycle bin! I though, “what the heck am I doing? They’re perfectly good envelopes and I’m sure I can find use for them for something else!”

So now I have them in with my regular envelopes and the next time I need an envelope (unless it’s got to look professional) I’m going to reach in for the free ones instead of the ones I paid for!

One particular use that comes to mind: every month I mark an envelope with the month and year and put all the receipts for that month in that envelope in order to keep them organized. I usually grab one of the “good ones” and have now decided I don’t need a pretty envelope for old receipts. I’m going to use one of my free envelopes and save myself a few pennies in the process.

How I wish I could have thought of this years before!