A few days back I received a box full of goodies from my very sweet MIL. She knows how much I like to sew so she had Aunt B make me a cute little sewing bag in which to put my little sewing knick-knacks. It’s even embroidered, too and has a pin cushion! I absolutely love it and plan on using it quite often as my little emergency sewing kit for when a button falls off or something. :)


Along with the sewing bag the hubby and I also got a few cards and posters from his nieces and nephew for our anniversary (which was in Feb). That’s the big sheet you see in the back as well as the smaller pink card in front of my sewing machine. :) Aren’t they sweet?!

In front of those you’ll see a stack of quilting catalogs that I will refer to often for ideas on more quilts. They know how much fun I have doing those and I appreciate them thinking of me. :)

PS: Hubby is very happy to have gotten all his goodies, too, and I also got the socks you sent. I’m wearing a pair right now. :)

Thank you!