Some of my latest culinary attempts:

Challah (Jewish Sabbath bread – totally delicious!)

Go on, break off a piece! :)

Granola (Just slightly sweet, slightly coconut-y, slightly chocolate-y, 100% delicious!)

Escabeche (Sort of. I added potatoes and peas and omitted the chicken in this Peruvian recipe)

My herbs are doing well. Here’s some of my Italian Oregano, which I got as a gift at our house-warming party. She said it’s actually from Italy. I now have three varieties of oregano and will need to learn how to dry them properly so I can take full advantage of the bountiful crop I will have this year.
There’s also some alphalpha sprouts I grew earlier. They grew wonderfully but I left them too long and got a little fuzzy in too many places. I will grow more once it warms up a bit. They’re great on sandwiches (which I truly only make in summertime temps).