Here’s a beautiful article on marriage that I found through a website on femininity: Marriage As Blessing or Bondage? <– it’s great. Well, her whole website is great.

So, this weekend went well. We did not celebrate shabbat this weekend as I was still trying to get the house clean for pesach. That brought up a question for me. If pesach is on a Sunday, is it still keeping shabbat if you cook on saturday? I wonder if women who celebrate pesach cook on Friday for shabbat and for pesach. It would seem like a whole lot of cooking! I didn’t, anyway. I cleaned well into Friday night and then we went shopping for the week’s meals. On Saturday I took Tippy to the vet, took a stroll through the farmer’s market a little and later did some more cooking for that evening’s pesach meal. I didn’t do the seder this time because I had Dan with me that evening and out of consideration for him I didn’t do it. He wouldn’t have wanted to wait that long before eating. It would have been torture, not to mention the tantalizing smells that were coming out of the kitchen were teasing him nonstop. He could hardly contain himself to wait until I, too, was seated, but then again, it was around 8pm when I finally finished cooking our meal. He was quite hungry.

We had matzo ball soup (courtesy of
Aji de Gallina (peruvian family recipe: shredded chicken in a creamy, slightly spicy, nutty sauce) over baked potato slices
Asparagus and tomato vinaigrette
Matzo (of course)

I meant to make mini potato knishes, but I just didn’t get around to doing it. However, I do plan to make that recipe. It sounds really good!

Normally, we have vegetarian dinners at home, but once in a while, and especially when it’s a holiday, I will allow an exception and make something meaty. All the dishes came out beautifully, and I didn’t even forget an ingredient this time! We even dressed our table with a white table cloth (which I believe is traditional for pesach? maybe?), candles and two pink tulips from our garden. It was beautiful. I wish I had taken pictures of it all. Maybe next year. :)

So this week I will not be eating anything with leaven in it. I love the symbolism of this and wish it was a more acceptable practice for the “church”. For instance, this week I visited a church near where I live. After the service they had a potluck, which is all good and grand, except that there was hardly anything I could eat from it as it either had tons of meat (and fat/grease!) or leaven. I had some pasta salad (which I wasn’t sure was leaven-free) and some orange slices. I also had a bit of spaghetti, but most of it had meat. I sure looked like a picky-eater. Oh well.

Oh also, I’m taking an online “course” on the torah! It’s and while I don’t agree with everything he teaches, it provides some valuable insights into the torah/pentatuech. So far I’m really enjoying it.

PS: I really want a piano.

PPS: I bought two bookshelves on craigslist yesterday and as I was transferring some of my books over from the cramped-for-space bookshelf into one of my new ones and I kept noticing my hymnals, which kept reminding me of my desire to have a piano on which to play the hymns.

PPS: An excellent answer from Tammy on why she celebrates passover: “We’re not Jewish (by blood, nor have we converted to Judaism), but we’re Christians who believe in both the old and new testaments — and so we see Passover as a Biblical feast and try to celebrate it as such. :) We don’t feel “Jewish”; we just try to pattern our lives after Scripture.”
An excellent and noble goal, if I may say so.