Remember the question I had a while back on vegetarianism in the Bible? Well, it turns out it was all plain as day right in front of me and I just never paid attention.

So this is what I’ve gathered:

  1. We were created as vegetarians. (Gen 1:29-30)
  2. The first death occured as a result of sin. Fig leaves were not good enough, innocent blood had to die in order to cover the sins of Adam and Eve. However this was not food for them. (Gen 3:18-19, 21)
  3. There were ritually clean and unclean animals by Noach’s time, however they were not yet food. All humans were supposed to be vegetarian. (Gen 6:19-21; 7:2-3)
  4. After the flood, Adonai gave Noach “every moving thing that lives” as food. (Gen 9:3)

I haven’t gotten to Leviticus and all the laws about what should be eaten, but I’m sure there’ll be more said between now and then. It seems funny and strange not to have noticed this in scripture before. I just always assumed people were always meant to eat meat!