Something to think about, taken from part of my Torah study class:

Let me introduce you briefly to the concept of patterns. This will be brief, and over time, I’ll add to it. The common question we usually ask of any Biblical event or law or instruction or principle or decision, is WHY? Why is almost always the wrong question to ask about God-ordained things. “Why” is a Greek way of thinking. You generally won’t find answers to WHY in the Bible, the way we have been taught to seek and discover WHY by using the scientific method…which is a Greek way of thinking. Rather, God instructs us by giving us patterns. He describes and explains an event, and later, a similar event will occur with a similar method and a similar outcome. The reason that the later event occurred the way it did was that it conformed to the pattern of the previous event. God’s way of explanation is by means of exposing patterns, not by explaining WHY.