Saturday morning the husband and I got up early – 6:40ish – got dressed and ready for a trip to Portland. He had to go there because of his job but only for about an hour and a half. Afterwards we had a period of about 2 hours to “play”. We had planned on going to VegFest but after realizing half-way there that we had left the driving directions to this event at home, we concluded we might have to have a plan B.

I spent most of my time reading while he was working, but afterward we got in the car and were headed towards downtown to walk around and check out what was going on in Portland. Well, lucky for us the Portland Saturday Market was happening and since this was our first time checking it out, we were pretty excited. It was a bunch of booths set up, like an outdoor swapmeet, but with GOOD items for sale, not junk. Most of everything was local artists selling their goods, but there were also things like a henna booth, live music, and food.

Notice what’s on our heads:

Then we came across a couple musicians. One was really good at playing on buckets! He had a great sound, despite the fact that he was drumming on such an ordinary looking item. The other was inspiring. A musician, a guitarist, who was missing an arm. He strummed his guitar with a pick-like thing that was taped to the stump of his right arm. He also sang and played his harmonica in between. Amazing, huh?

We saw all kinds of interesting people, too.

And we couldn’t resist trying out some new cuisine. This one in particular is an African dish called a samosa. It has lentils inside although there was an option for chicken. The green sauce is spicy, but the white one was just for added flavor. These were SO good I’m tempted to make them myself, at home.

At some point during our walk through the market, my husband almost got run over. By a train. Dividing the food booths and the product booths was the TriMet line. At one point he was standing much too close to the edge of the street/platform next thing we knew, the train came behind him silently so close that it was about two inches from his body. Needless to say he was quite scared about it and I was just thankful that the Lord kept him safe. He recalled how he had “felt” the train as it swooshed by. I’m glad that’s all he felt. I am NOT ready to be a widow! Thankfully, that was not in the Lord’s plans for me.

After leaving the market we walked to the park that was across the street. I was able to get a few good pictures of it.


After leaving the park, my wonderful husband handed me a flower that was near the sidewalk. If you look closely, you’ll see the leaves are heart-shaped.

My last picture, before we got in the car, was of the view from the parking garage. It’s the sidewalk across the street from the park. The cyclist racing by is typical of Portland, as it’s a bike-friendly community and a lot of people take advantage of that instead of driving in cars. You can also see the signs on the post, which say Old Town. I was a little sad in leaving.

We had a decent ride back, although it seemed longer heading back home. Once home it became a typical Saturday for us. The husband returned to work and I returned home. Not being in the mood or mindset to clean or cook, I had leftovers for dinner and popped in a movie. Atonement. I guess it was artsy and all that, and I guess it has its qualities, but I’m biased towards happy endings so I did not really enjoy the film.

By the time the film was over it was late and time to pick up my dear husband from work. Poor hubby had a long working day. But at least we both had a fun time.