This is our “new” chicken coop. We just got it in on Sunday and because it was so heavy we had to get 5 extra pair of hands to help move it. It is a very old hen house as you can see, but it’s structurally pretty sound. We have to do some cosmetic changes to it – get new roofing, new siding, a coat of paint, but overall it’s just what we need and it’s a lot less expensive than buying all the materials and then paying someone else to build us one. So, since we have about 2 months before the chickens move in, we have plenty of time to make the changes to the coop and build a run. Those are all much simpler projects than it would have been starting from the ground up on everything.

These two seem pretty happy with the new coop. I hope they are this nice around the chickens when they actually arrive and are old enough to move in to their new home.

Does it seem like the foxes are guarding the hen house? :P